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The Design Value Framework

The framework builds on design sector specific tools

It provides, for the first time, a single framework for the whole of the design economy to use together, and across a holistic set of values.

Creative Commons Licence This work by the Design Council is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license.

By measuring and making these values visible, we hope to highlight the positive role design can play in urgent issues like the climate crisis, social justice and promoting diversity and prompt an industry shift to Design for Planet.

The framework has been developed with BOP Consulting & the Social Design Institute (SDI) at University of Arts London (UAL) over 2021 and the beginning of 2022 through a deliberative research process. It is published as a working proto-type and is intended to grow, evolve and be adapted for different contexts.

Sadies Morgan, Founding Director at dRMM said, "Design needs to take a wider view on the traditional definition of value. In the context of a climate emergency, persisting social inequities, and a newfound emphasis on wellbeing and mental health, the value that design brings to the world must be calculated differently. The yardstick should now measure how design can address these universal issues – how it can bring positive impact to a new world by enabling environmental conscientiousness, social care, and a greater understanding of the humanity of individuals and communities."

Download the Framework