Improve results

With MailUp platform, discover your campaigns’ success in real time. A detailed statistical system to analyze the data at the individual recipient level and design future strategies.

Control and improve your performances

A campaign’s success comes from the analysis of its precedents. You can see all the results of your email and SMTP+ campaigns, updated instantly, by consulting reports based on the single recipient, the single message or the geographic location. Merge all the information in one report in order to get a full view and set up new and even more effective campaigns.

Detailed information about the recipient

For each recipient, you can consult opening and click data, per campaign or aggregated together. Precious reports for setting segmentation filters and sending personalized campaigns.

Specific results for each sending

Same message does not always mean same results: check the single sending statistics and find out which sending of the same message worked better.

Geographic reports and per device

Where do recipients open your emails? And which devide do they use? Plan and launch localized and optimized campaigns, based on results of previous sendings.

Customized reports

Merge different sendings results in order to create a report that can be shared outside the platform just by using a link. Does the report contains reserved data? Protect it with a password.

Your reports stored up to two years

Send campaigns that are detail-profiled. Thanks to the extension of the storage period, consult the number of openings and clicks from each contact on a particular campaign, up to 24 months after the sending.

Full control with aggregate reports

All the statistics of your platform processed and ready to be used: thanks to an always updated overview, you can get to know your audience, its habits and find out the right time to send your campaigns.

Integrate statistics with your system

We offer you all the tools to configure and connect the MailUp advanced reporting system to your external application.

Compare your results with your industry average

Thanks to our benchmark studies you can compare results with those of your professional sector.

Advanced statistics for outstanding performances

Book a session with our experts and activate Engagement: advanced reports to discover the engagement level of the recipients and segment the campaigns according to their responsiveness.