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Case Studies - Design for Planet

Discover how some organisations are putting sustainable design practices at the heart of their work in this series.

Design for Planet Festival

Design for Planet Festival 2023 totem

17–18 October 2023. Design for Planet provides a platform for visionaries, designers, business, government and communities who are leading the way in climate action. Join us for our third edition,…


Viral Design The Distributed Design Platform's latest book, exploring how those working in the maker movement have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Credits: Distributed Design Platform …


The Design Economy: 2021–2024 was supported by a group of Design Economy Ambassadors As leading changemakers from a cross section of professions, they will help to drive innovative policy,…


We have worked with Network Rail to help them expand the enduring legacy of Great British railway stations by creating transport hubs of the future for our towns and villages. The ThinkStation…


Working with Network Rail to understand the public’s response to proposed designs for stations across Great Britain. In 2021 and 2022, the Design Council led the ExploreStation…

Design for Planet Fellows

Discover thought-provoking conversations bringing together the collective intelligence of our Fellows in our latest podcast.

Design Council Expert Community of Practice

Design Review

We bring our network of 450+ Experts together on a monthly basis to share their practice and collective insight into what works and what is needed for Design for Planet. We share this research into…

Seven tenets of human-centred design

How to work towards creating great design.


Birmingham New Street Station

Our network of design leaders across the UK. They contribute their experience and skills to our programme delivery