Zero fees or fixed costs, pay only for what you send.
Where do you want to send?
With a credits package you can send all over the world. The price of a single SMS varies depending on the country of destination.
64.00 1,000 1,000 / 0.0640 € each Purchase
186.00 3,000 3,000 / 0.0620 € each Purchase
295.00 5,000 5,000 / 0.0590 € each Purchase
472.00 8,000 8,000 / 0.0590 € each Purchase
540.00 10,000 10,000 / 0.0540 € each Purchase
810.00 15,000 15,000 / 0.0540 € each Purchase
1,040.00 20,000 20,000 / 0.0520 € each Purchase

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SMS Automation

Reach your recipients with relevant messages at the right time. Increase your conversion rates with automated SMS.

Inbound SMS

Let recipients reply to texts, boost interaction and drive engagement

Automatic SMS campaigns

You can set the rules for managing automatic sendings, choosing time periods to avoid sendings.

Link tracking

In-depth stats & reports, by campaign or by individual recipient, with click tracking on your links.

The perks of sending with MailUp

To 200 countries around the world, you can concatenate 10 SMS in one message, in order to have up to 1530 characters for your text.

High quality (gold) SMS

Text messages arrive quickly (low latency) and you get a receipt with delivery date, delivery time, and errors.

Up to 200 SMS per second

You have a high sending capacity and can send up to 200 SMS per second, displaying the send queue.

Customized landing pages

Easily create mobile-optimized landing pages with our intuitive drag & drop editor

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